At TVCR we are for people and pets, and we need both. If you’re interested in getting involved with TVCR here are several options to help you get started.

Register your pet:

If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, please register them in our database.

Join our Newsletter:

To receive regular updates from the TVCR about our progress in Texas. (COMING SOON)

Ask your Veterinarian:

Download an introductory page about TVCR and how the registry works to show to your vet for more information. (COMING SOON)

Sponsor TVCR:

The TVCR is a non-profit part of the CARE Foundation and we appreciate any sponsorship you can contribute. Please contact us to get involved and we will send you a packet of information for sponsorship. Please use “sponsorship” for your subject line.

Join the Texas Vet Team:

If you are a veterinarian and you’re interested in joining our network across Texas, please contact us and use “Team” for your subject line.