About TVCR

The Texas Veterinary Cancer Registry (TVCR) is a Texas-based animal care database formed to identify and register pets with cancer in order to facilitate and promote their medical treatment that lead to cures for cancer in pets and people.


As a joint effort of the CARE Foundation, Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC) at Dallas and the Texas Veterinary Oncology Group, The Texas Veterinary Cancer Registry will advance medical breakthroughs in both animal and human care, helping to ensure that new treatments are available for cancer in humans become available to animals in an efficient and timely manner.


The TVCR will advance veterinary cancer research by gathering information from pet owners whose pets have been diagnosed with a naturally-occurring cancer. Subsequent enrollment in clinical trials of new drugs and devices to improve the animal’s healthcare may be possible.


TVCR has a great respect for your privacy. Any and all information submitted to the registry will be used exclusively for the TVCR registry and will not be given or sold to any party unaffiliated with the TVCR.