Celebrity’s Pup Has Cancer: See her story Here

November 22nd, 2011   •   no comments   

In case you missed it, on Yahoo! they told a story about a celebrity’s dog that has cancer. ‘E! News Now’ host Ashlan Gorse has a beautiful Siberian Husky who was recently diagnosed with cancer. As far as we can tell, the dog’s treatment was fairly standard and she’s doing well.

Gorse has some great advice for all pet owners.

Spreading the Message

Gorse hopes her story will make pet owners think twice about ignoring any changes in their dog’s behavior or physique. “This is a family member. If you see something that doesn’t look right or your dog is acting different, take him in! Take him to the vet. And if you get a diagnosis, just like with people, you can always go get a second opinion. Explore all your options before you make a decision.”

In addition to using her celebrity status to help pet owners realize that canine cancer can be treatable and that it’s important to seek out a treatment plan you’re comfortable with, Gorse has some other big plans. “Now that her arm is healing, I’m actually trying to get Aurora certified to be a helping dog so we can go to the children’s hospitals and visit kids who have cancer. I think that would really help them, and Aurora loves kids. She would love it.”

See her and Aurora’s story on Yahoo! And remember that once you get answers about your pet’s diagnosis, you should register your pet with TVCR to see if there are even more options available to you.