Manifestation of yeast infections in women

We have already said that this thrush, its manifestation in men and yeast infections in children. Now we will talk about the manifestation of yeast infections in women. This disease can affect women in their reproductive abilities, so do not underestimate the disease because of its prevalence, which borders the common.

Thrush or candidiasis genitals recently reached so widespread, that is already being considered as compulsory, ordinary and normal thing in every girl’s life. Distributed also a misconception that women thrush patients spend serious treatment is not necessary. But this women’s disease is not so harmless – Today the doctors are very concerned about the increase in incidence, even though the reasons that candidiasis is transmitted to newborn children, and may even be the cause of their death.

Recently, the thrush all more common in adolescent girls is a very important moment for them – the period of puberty, just when it should be established normal value for the microorganisms that colonize the genital tract. This may further adversely affect the ability of girls to fertility. Read more about Manifestation of yeast infections in women