Cosmetics Cucumber

Cosmetics Cucumber

Already being sold cucumbers, we eat them, getting the vitamins that were deprived in the winter, but in addition to fresh salads, cucumbers and used for cosmetic purposes

Cucumber – is an excellent cosmetic product that promotes skin rejuvenation. It perfectly moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and tender. Especially in this vegetable has many useful elements, which are an excellent tool for nourishing our skin. That’s why cosmetics cucumber so popular. Read more about Cosmetics Cucumber

Hair sour cream

Hair masks based on sour cream

Stress during life, different weather conditions and overall a very bad affect not only our common condition, but also on the health of the hair. And we all know how important a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair, especially for women. Hair can strengthen hair with makeup tools, which are offered in the cosmetics market, but do not forget about the people’s recipes and tools. Health Blog today wants to talk about how you can strengthen your hair folk remedies. Among the many popular recipes that are designed for hair care, are very popular and in demand on the basis of the mask of sour cream. Read more about Hair masks based on sour cream