Your Brain And The Life That Does Not Suit You

It is easy to understand that if we hit the knee it will hurt and it can ignite. In the case of the column, if we have made move taking furniture from one place to another and we contracted the whole back, it seems that we had to overload. The cause is clear in these two approaches. Resting for a few days and with little more, we will be well. Sometimes the cause is on a more complex plane, in a life that does not suit you. The brain talks to us and warns us, we just have to listen to it.

The function of the brain is none other than keeping you alive. He likes to conserve energy to spend when he has to solve a problem that is vital to you. In many posts I comment on circumstances such as sleep or stress and its influence on the health of the back. I will use this as an example. Your brain wants you to sleep to be well. If you do not listen to him and you take off hours of sleep, he will give you headache and contractures in the neck for example. He’s sending you signals that you’re not doing well. Your brain wants you to be rested, you do not care about the series you’re watching on TV or the book you want to finish and that makes you sleep late.   If you continue ignoring your brain and taking hours to sleep, more serious problems will come.

Your Brain And The Life That Does Not Suit YouThe brain talks to you because it wants you alive but many times we do not want to listen. We go to the doctor to solve the headache and solve our contractures. It is easy to understand that you will be relieved with medications but will not be taken away while you continue to do what is not convenient for you. I come to mind an interview I saw many years ago of the late artist, Kurt Cobain who was the leader of a band called Nirvana. In this interview they asked him about the chronic stomach pains he suffered. Kurt commented that he had gone to many doctors and that they were no good, that they did not give him the right treatment and that he had spent years writhing in pain. Finally he commented that they had given the pill that was doing well and that he had no more pain. During the interview of about 15 minutes, about 7 cigarettes were smoked. Only the image spoke for itself. Tobacco increases the chances of stomach problems as well as reflux. Among other things tobacco decreases salivation and decreases the pressure of the lower esophageal sphincter (the sphincter that prevents the reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus). Besides this, it is not necessary to say the emotional stress that suffered and that already was addicted to the heroine and the alcohol by that time.

This example I put so that you see as we do not listen to our brain. To continue to do what is not convenient for us, we deceive ourselves and seek guilty outside ourselves. The biggest problem for most people is not facing reality. We hide the truth and deceive ourselves so as not to confront things we think we cannot overcome. For most of life’s problems, the solution lies in us. If we are realistic and honest with ourselves, there are only two attitudes left. We can be consistent with our attitudes and accept the situation or do something to change it. As long as we make excuses to justify everything, nothing will change.

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