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Scoliosis is a deformity that we can stop many times if we detect it in time. In time it means above all before the children give “the lug”. The development of the curve is closely linked to growth and it is during this period that we can act successfully. The scoliosis doctor (scoliosis rehabilitation doctors) can tell us if the type of curve we are developing needs treatment. In case of needing treatment, the only proven method as effective is the use of a corset. Here we enter a very difficult terrain for the boy or girl and the relatives. When the doctor tells us that our child needs to wear a corset, we have many doubts. The population in general sees this as something archaic and cannot be believed to be the treatment to follow. If we then go to the internet we can find very different treatments for scoliosis. Humans often go with whoever tells us what we want to hear and this can be dangerous. Treatments through exercise, muscle stimulation, etc. may be complementary, but do NOT slow down the development of the scoliosis curve. It has to be clear in this post that the only effective treatment to curb scoliosis is the corset.

You can see that I say slow down and do not say correct. Scoliosis is not cured or corrected, which we avoid is progress. Stopping progression is very important because we can avoid physical and aesthetic problems in the future as well as not having to go through an operating room. If the scoliosis curve goes far, you will need surgery. It is our doctor in any case who should tell us the type of curve that we have and the need or convenience of each treatment.

Scoliosis CorsageIn order for the corset to be an effective treatment, it is necessary to put on the corset properly and at the right time. For this you have to be advised correctly. My advice is to go to a rehabilitation doctor with experience in this field. The next thing we need to do is stick to the treatment. Here comes the problem. A corset to be effective should be taken at the beginning about 21 hours a day, that is, we just remove it to clean and basically exercise. This is many hours. And how long does he have to wear the corset? The answer is until it stops growing. The doctor uses X-rays and other data such as first menstruation to decide when that time has come.

Fulfilling the prescribed treatment is the big problem with the corset. Failure to do so will not make the desired effect. How do we convince a child to the door of adolescence to wear a corset? It is a problem for the following reasons:

– The child has no pain or feeling of having any problems or illness. And it is true, usually at the time of diagnosis the child has a small deformity in the back without other symptoms. In fact, not even the child nor the parents have noticed and it has been the pediatrician who has discovered it. This makes it more difficult to accept that there is a problem that requires the solution with a corset.

– In adolescence we all understand the rejection that can cause the child to wear something accepted as unsightly at a time when they begin to be interested in the opposite sex.

– Children can be very cruel when one of them gets out of the norm. Teasing and rejection of peers can make it even more difficult.

– Wearing a corset has discomforts and other problems. Problems can occur with digestion, discomfort at some point, compression of a nerve or wounds in areas of friction.

Well, we know that is not an easy task but it can be achieved. Children have the ability to understand the problem and what is raised, but you have to explain it well. Education is the foundation of mature decisions. We can only accept situations that we do not like by understanding how our back works, the problem we have and the reason for the different solutions. The task of the attending physician is fundamental for this purpose. I want to help with this task by gradually adding material that helps us understand everything related to scoliosis and other deformities of the spine.

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