Fabiola Cake

Tart Fabiola (cake of cookies): presentation

The Fabiola cake is a classic of the cookie tarts. It is a very easy dessert to prepare and the result is simply spectacular . It carries ingredients of most common in our homes and its price is very economic. Both for its taste and after its presence can be a dessert for the most diverse celebrations, both at birthdays and family gatherings. A good alternative when we decided to prepare a homemade cake.

I cannot tell you where the name of this traditional cake comes from because I have not found a reliable source, so if you are able to discover it, I invite you to leave it in the comments. What I can tell you is how I discovered it. It was not really a discovery because I have known it since I remember. Before, when I was a girl, birthdays were celebrated with a snack at the birthday boy’s house. The mother made us some chocolate from the cup we ate with coke, toast or cookies and for dessert there was always a cake or cake. Also soft drinks, we are not that old! This is the cake with which my friend Pepita was blowing the candles. His mother, Maria, made it like no one else. It is one of those flavors that had engraved in my memory and that I had not tried again. Finally, I have the recipe and I have enjoyed it again. I assure you it is still as rich as it was then. I am grateful to Dolors, the sister of “La Pepi” (allow me), their collaboration, since without her this recipe would never have been published.

Fabiola Cake (Cookie Cake)Ingredients:

  • 45 toasted biscuits (rectangular)
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 100 g sugar (6 tbsp)
  • 100 g butter
  • 80 g grated coconut
  • 150 ml of muscatel

Peel the eggs and separate the egg whites from the yolks. You can use the egg whites for another preparation such as the Angel food cake (recipe here).

Add the yolks to the sugar and beat with the sticks until the yolks whiten. Add the butter and whisk again until it is fully integrated. Add the coconut and mix with a spoon until the mixture is homogeneous.

Line with a piece of foil a cutting board to work the cake better. This table will be set up.

Pour the muscatel into a plate. Dip a cookie on one side and leave it on top of the lined table. Do the same with the other cookies and place them side by side to form the first layer of the cake. This cake carries 9 cookies in each layer in rows and columns of three cookies. You can vary the amount according to the size you are going to make.

Cover the cookie layer, carefully, with the coconut cream. Change layers of cookies and cream for a total of five layers of each. Finish with a layer of cream and spread a layer of cream all over the outer edge of the cake. Leave to cool in the refrigerator half an hour.

After half an hour, you can decorate it. Sprinkle over with the grated coconut and cover the parts where the cookie is seen to be completely white. It also covers the sides. Having put the cream, you will see that the coconut sticks very easily. Melt three ounces of chocolate covered with a little butter and decorate with a thread of this chocolate making a drawing by the surface. Finish with a cherry wedge in the middle and a few mint leaves. Save the cake in the fridge.


Tricks and tips:

If you are going to prepare this cake for children, you can substitute the muscatel for flavored milk with a little vanilla or cinnamon. You do not add sugar or it will be excessively sweet.

When you cover each layer of cookies with the cream, do it very carefully because the wet cookies are very fragile and can be undone.

Once you have the cake on, you will see that the cookies may not be perfectly aligned. With the help of a wide blade knife align them as I tell you in the video. It’s going to look perfect on you!

You can take advantage of the whites that are not used in this recipe to prepare a meringue and cover the cake making nice shapes with the pastry sleeve. You can also cover it with chocolate.

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