Compilation: 6 Seconds Recipes For Holidays

May is a month of celebrations and I want to offer you a few suggestions to inspire you in your kitchen. When we think of second party dishes, we sometimes find it difficult to get out of the classic roast, sirloin or very showy meats. This post is dedicated to those days that we are going to celebrate something and we want to surprise. I will not offer expensive meats, but various stews for all budgets and that are worthy of a good celebration.

To gather these recipes, once again, I have asked friends for help blogs and, as always, I have not lacked ideas to elaborate this selection. So from here I thank you for your generosity to share with me those recipes, which have already triumphed in their homes and I hope they also succeed in yours.

I start with a blog recipe cap and deserts. It is a very showy dish, the kind that everyone likes. It’s a stuffed chicken breast (recipe here) . Stuffed meats are always festive. So I suggest that you see how it is prepared and encourage you to serve it at your table.

Compilation: 6 Seconds Recipes For HolidaysFrom the blog smells good!  I bring you a real Delight of Stuffed Spinach Bread (recipe here) .  With this name, no one would say that we are going to celebrate something, right? For once again, my companions have surprised me. So if you learn to prepare it, you are sure to have success assured.

I have found a true wonder in Cooking to Good Hours. It is a recipe of roasted chicken with plums. I like the chicken cooked in every way, but just see it, I feel like trying it. You also discover how easy it is to prepare it with all the indications that bring us this rich and colorful recipe.

From the blog!! A “Cook”!! , Roasted pork tenderloin. I cannot tell you more that it is a very simple, colorful and cheap dish. Delicious!

Another proposal that I bring you and, this time, comes from the blog Sabrina’s Sea of Colors.  It is a sirloin of turkey to honey and mustard (recipe here). You will see how simple it is to prepare it, if you follow all the indications of the recipe. I hope you like it as much as I do.

And I will finish this rich selection with a recipe from my blog, Anna recipes easy. Maybe you already know this   pork rib roast whiskey (recipe here) because you follow me, but let me remind you that it is very easy, economical, rich and colorful. So you have no excuse not to prepare it, right?

If you want more ideas of second dishes for celebrations, I leave you these fish recipes as a suggestion:


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