First Steps For Surfing

One of the sports that have always caught my attention is surfing. This is because one of my cousins ​​with whom I grew up, is professionally dedicated to it and whenever I go to visit I “compels” to ride on the waves. Although the truth is that I have a lot to learn to reach their level. I would like to!

Beginners in the surf

If you plan to start in this sport, today I set out to give you a few tips to take your first steps in the surf and you can get up to the waves as soon as possible.

First Steps For SurfingSafety first!

Before starting to surf, it is important that you take into account basic safety standards. The first and fundamental is that you know how to swim. It may seem obvious, but surfing is not a simple sport and it is very likely that you will fall several times. You must be able to stay afloat without sinking.

Another important aspect is that you should never surf alone if you are not an experienced surfer. If you have a bad fall you could be somewhat shocked, so it may be necessary for someone to help you reach the shore.

You should also avoid surfing if there is a red flag, as the sea state will be very brave and therefore the waves will have much more force, which will make it more difficult to keep you on the board.

And finally, are you well equipped? To get to learn surfing you need to choose your board properly. I advise you to choose a large table with a rounded tip, as it will give you more stability and avoid sharp blows.

Start surfing

To get started in the practice of surfing it is best that you start with the most favorable conditions possible. Ideally you should do it in a place that you knew the best possible, to avoid scares and unforeseen with the background.

You should also try to choose a day in which the sea is as calm as possible and with the fewest people around you, to feel relaxed. Before trying to surf the waves you must try to be able to maintain the balance on the board. And yes, you can start practicing directly on the sand and from there go gradually passing into the water.

Once you are able to stay steady without falling, it is time for you to catch your first wave. You always have to do it lying down and paddling towards it, and once you are already on it, it will be time to stand , preferably in a single movement.

Finally, the best advice I can give you is that you practice a lot, since it is a sport that on paper seems very easy, but requires enough training to be able to master it. For the waves, brave!

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