Running Improves Your Body And Your Brain: Getting Started

A few months ago I started running from scratch to improve my fitness. It was not easy, since the sport I was used to had more to do with walking, stretching, some bike, etc., and the endurance of the race I had to win it with progressive training. I’m still in the challenge and it’s something that tests me every week.

The health benefits I have observed with the practice of running have been many. From greater resistance to coping with everyday life, weight loss, a drop in stress, better quality in my sleep and perception of an increase in my overall well-being.

Running Improves Your Body And Your Brain: Getting StartedAnd is that there is increasing evidence that running is good not only for the body, but also for the mind. According to a study in Cambridge in mice, running and other aerobic exercises enhance the growth of new cells in the brain (a process called neurogenesis), enhancing memory and learning. Apparently this effect occurs through an improvement of the blood flow in the brain and an extra hormonal regulation generated during the race.

Starting to run can be scary at first, since it may seem very hard, but the key is to plan a smooth and progressive workout on alternate days and increase it progressively.

The ideal is to be able to strengthen the habit and turn it into a daily routine, integrate it into our life. For this you will need:


It can be improve your endurance, lose weight, increase your energy, strengthen the relationship with a friend, run a certain career, etc. The important thing is to find the reason that encourages you to train.


The most important are good sneakers (best of race), T-shirt, pants and raincoat for rainy days. The rest (heart rate monitor, technical clothing, etc. can wait). Running is one of the cheapest activities you can do to stay in shape and you can find very good and inexpensive equipment in specialized stores.

Progressive start

It is best to start very gradually and see how your body is responding. You have to go alternating between walking and running to go bottom. Before starting, it is essential to warm up with gentle jumps and stretches and always! You have to stretch about ten minutes at the end. Thus we will avoid the pains and discomforts that make us leave early


Check yourself a set time to train 3 alternate days a week, no more than 4. Try to run at a comfortable pace in which you can breathe well if you see that you lack the air you can walk a few seconds and recover.

 Design a plan and follow it

On the Internet there are weekly plans of specialized forums to start running that guide you making it easier to achieve.

Mark you times not distances.

The ideal is to begin to take resistance until you reach races of 20 or 40 minutes depending on how you progress, and to enjoy enjoying yourself because you are creating a healthy routine, which is pleasing to you.

It is important to consider factors such as physical ability, your age, your weight and pre and post-race nutrition. You should also monitor your heart rate especially at first.

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