This Year Treats The Symptoms Of The Cold With Homeopathy

Now that it starts to warm up when we are in the sun but cold when the air touches the air, there are more colds. Homeopathy is on your side!

In my pharmacy every day we have people with colds because of the temperature changes they experience at this time of year (and of putting on and taking off their clothes because they do not know how to dress in the face of such variable weather). Although not due to the cold itself it is true that changes in temperature favor colds and also the return to circulation of the most widespread virus worldwide, rhinovirus. If we have weakened immune system we are more susceptible to viral aggression and we chill. Homeopathy can help us to avoid it or to pass it as soon as possible.

What should we do? One of the most important things is to protect our immune system to fight against these viruses and do not let your attack get away with propolis or Echinacea. But in case we start to have cold symptoms we can also act on them with the help of homeopathy.

This Year Treats The Symptoms Of The Cold With HomeopathyCoryzalia for the cold

Coryzalia (Boiron) is the most common homeopathic medicine used if we have had a cold or if we have acute rhinitis. There are formulations in tablets that dissolve under the tongue. The dosage of this drug in the acute phase requires at least one pill every hour until the symptoms improve. Each Coryzalia tablet contains Allium cepa 3CH, Sabadilla 3CH, Gelsemium 3CH, Belladonna 3CH, Pulsatilla 3CH, aa cs.

Among its excipients are sucrose, talc, gum arabic (acacia), magnesium stearate, gelatin, white wax, carnauba wax at cs.

For the nose, the best is Ammonium Carbonicum

Ammonium Carbonicum

If you cannot sleep because your nose is blocked, the Ammonium Carbonicum will help you. In addition, children can also take it and help them to sleep and can breathe normally. The dose is the same for adults as for children and 5 granules should be taken three times daily until symptoms disappear.

If you have a cold of those that does not go neither to the one of three also you can combine the Ammonium Carbonicum with Sambucus nigra 4 CH.

Other homeopathic medicines for colds

Apart from the remedies I have mentioned there are others that we can use for example in the case of rhinitis. Especially in the initial phase, when we suffer sneezing or nasal drip. Also if we present general malaise of the body. For these cases we can take Sticta Polmonaria 7 CH or  CH Nux vomica 7 5 granules. The dose is 5 granules 3 or 4 times a day.

In later stages in which rhinorrhea happens to be a more dense nasal congestion and even nasal obstruction can be taken granules of Allium cepa 5 CH (if there is watery rhinorrhea), 5 granules 3 times a day. Or Kalium Muriaticum 7 CH (if the rhinorrhea is more dense or there is nasal obstruction); 5 granules 3 times a day. And if we have sticky, obstructive and purulent nasal secretions it is better to use Kalium bichromicum 7 CH with the same dosage as the others. When we improve and the obstruction becomes more fluid we will take Pulsatilla 9CH, 5 granules a day, in a single solution.

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