Clarifying Eyes With Natural Remedies Or With Medical Treatments

80% of the population has brown eyes and a part of them would want them clear. These are the techniques most used to change them.

There are several methods to do this, although none of them are known to be effective and have adverse effects.

 It is likely that you have seen on the net that you can change the color of eyes with a natural remedy or with a laser. According to statistics, 17% of the population wants to have clear eyes and does not have them.

In California, the United States, a biologist named Gregg Homer gave a possible solution: the laser known as Lumineyes , which many of you will already sound, and basically consists of removing melanin from the iris of the eyes so that the layer Dark disappears and remains the clearest. Very similar to what happens when we do a facial whitening to remove stains caused by an increase in melanin.

 The problem?

It is still undergoing experimentation so it remains dangerous and can lead to an atrophy of the iris layers.

Moreover, Dr. Cecilia Sanchez warns: “They do not talk about what kind of lasers they would use, and that is important, because they assert that the rays would not enter through the pupil to the retina, but I do not know how they would prevent any radiation from entering”.

This intervention lasts no more than 20 seconds and the results are seen a few weeks later; when the eye has already eliminated the melanin it has destroyed. They are irreversible changes.

Another negative point is that there is no proven scientific evidence and there is no FDA approval. The first tests were done with dead people and later 17 people participated in Mexico to see the results that did work but do not know the adverse effects yet.

Clarifying Eyes With Natural Remedies Or With Medical TreatmentsNATURAL REMEDY

For people who are reluctant to this type of treatment and do not see it clear because it is not even approved by the FDA there is the possibility of making a natural remedy based on water , chamomile tea and 4 drops of lemon . There are those who say that it really works and many others that is just silly. The idea of ​​this remedy is based on the same as the Lumineyes technique, removing melanin from the eyes.

Chamomile and lemon you will probably have read that are used to lighten the skin or hair. Well that’s the reason they are chosen for this remedy. In addition, as lemon is very irritating chamomile, which acts as an anti-inflammatory. On the other hand we know that the lemon has a potent bactericidal effect, mainly because of its content in citric acid. It even applies to treat eye infections and perform eye cleansing.

Of course, only 2 to 4 drop and diluted in water because it irritates a lot.

Well, in this case there is also no demonstrable evidence at the moment that it really helps to have clearer eyes, but it is not aggressive and dangerous. Unless it’s done wrong.

The remedy in question must be made by preparing a chamomile (boil 1L of water and add the chamomile and then let cool). Put in a dropper of 5ml and add 2 to 4 drops of lemon. It should be stored in the refrigerator. Apply a couple of drops to each eye every 8 hours and put it back in the refrigerator.

It is very important to change the preparation every two days because the mixture is oxidized and then becomes harmful. There have been many problems of infection (conjunctivitis) because of not changing it.

In principle, results should be seen when 3 to 4 months have passed. There are those who claim that it serves them and those who do not. The only thing that is truly known is that there is no scientific evidence demonstrated or studied in depth and that no method is still recognized by the FDA.

In the case of natural remedy based on water, chamomile and lemon. If it is done as the recipe says, at least we will know that it is not dangerous. Now, whether or not to clarify the color of the eyes is something else. The truth is that some people say that it does work for them…

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