Sleeping Naked Is Good For Health And For Relationships As A Couple

There are thousands of scientific studies on health, and today I teach you one that I found curious if you did not. You have to sleep naked to maintain good health.

How can it improve our health?

According to a study by the LA Sleep Studies Institute (Los Angeles), if we sleep fully knots we improve our cardiovascular system, blood glucose levels and even we can help our body to lose a few extra pounds.

Also the study in question also clarifies that it does not matter if you sleep with someone or not, the important thing is to take off your clothes when you get into bed.

Lose weight

Well, losing weight is a bit more complex because we should get cold for that to happen … it is known that people who sleep in cool places generate more brown fat that is what causes our body to burn calories but not to be passed.


If we sleep without clothes our body produces insulin and that is why glucose levels are balanced (in case it can produce it).

Sleep cycle

And not only that, but they confirm that the fact of putting on clothes, i.e. a pajamas or a nightgown, alters our sleep rhythm. It makes us wake up more times and sleep badly. And that is attributed to the increase in temperature that involves being dressed inside the bed. It does not rest well because it is not possible to reconcile a deep sleep.

In itself, said research says that for a good deep and lasting sleep the body has to be kept at 21ºC. When sleeping, our body generates more heat than usual and that is why they say that if we increase the temperature it still generates more heat and the brain does not react as it should because he is the one who sends the order to the rest of the body that it must increase the Temperature when we sleep. And this is one of the explanations that so many people sleep badly and wake up at night.

Sleeping Naked Is Good For Health And For Relationships As A CoupleCirculatory system

Moreover, it is not only the importance of body temperature, but also the pressure exerted by these clothing on the circulation of the body (the veins).

Other important health benefits

And to give you more excitement there is still more positive data. Apart from having an excellent and deep sleep we will also maintain a wonderful skin because it is regenerated more easily by melatonin, we will be able to sharpen our memory and release more growth hormone. And even many infections of the intimate areas are avoided.

This last fact is often recommended by doctors and pharmacists (me too) in case of people prone to suffer from vaginal infections especially because the heat of the intimate area plus moisture and lack of ventilation creates an ideal climate for the growth of bacteria.

Not least: Improve the relationship

It is also necessary to say that other studies exist in which it is confirmed that to sleep naked in pairs favors the interpenetration between both by the liberation of oxytocin that is generated with the contact of the naked bodies. This is the hormone of love, which makes us feel butterflies in the stomach and make us feel loved and desired while happy and de-stressed.

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