2 Recipes With Seasonal Vegetables

The first months of the year are one of the most favorable for the consumption of legumes. We offer you concrete recipes, easy to make and inexpensive.

2 recipes with seasonal vegetables

Legumes are a healthy, economic and, above all, typical of this time of year. Chickpeas, beans and beans are common in winter, when the cold makes a good hot dish of spoon more palatable.

At the moment we have already proposed two easy and appetizing recipes with legumes – stewed lentils and Galician pot – and now we want to expand the repertoire with two other proposals that include seasonal vegetables as the main ingredient: mountain-style chickpea stew and black beans.

Mountain-style chickpea stew

We started with a dish that may well be the star of the next Holy Week. The ingredients that we are going to use are the following:

  • Half a kilo of chickpeas
  • 200 grams of serrano ham
  • 150 grams of smoked bacon
  • Peppers (4)
  • Onion (1)
  • Parsley and thyme
  • Flour (one tablespoon)

The preparation starts by putting the peas to soak the night before. The day that we put to confines we will begin boiling the peas in a pot without cover at the beginning. While the peas are cooked we will suffer the chopped onion and the ham and the bacon, which can be cut into dice or into strips. Add the peppers cut into strips at the time and when the mixture begins to be browned we will throw the spoonful of flour.

Then after 25 minutes of cooking the chickpeas, add the garlic and yes, we will cover the pot. We will leave it to continue cooking on low heat for another 20 minutes.

2 Recipes With Seasonal VegetablesTolosa Beans

One of the typical dishes of the Basque Country and more specifically of Guipúzcoa. It may seem blunt, but during the colder months it is an excellent source of energy.

To prepare this dish we will use the following ingredients:

  • 1 kg of black bean from Toulouse or black beans
  • onions
  • 1 leek
  • 1 kg cabbage (optional)
  • 300 grams of pumpkin
  • 300 grams of sausage
  • 2 rice and onion sausages

As with the previous recipe, we will leave the beans to soak the night before. At the beginning we will chop the onion, the pumpkin and the leek and we will suffice them in a pot. Once the onion takes color, we will incorporate the beans with water and leave them to medium heat so, once the beans become tender, lower the intensity to simmer. At that time we will also incorporate the chorizo ​​cut into pieces, the blood sausage and the cabbage, the latter also chopped.

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