Water diet for weight loss

In the human body, water is one of the main sources of life. Lack of water makes even daily and most elementary processes of the body impossible. It addition to its life-giving force also has properties purifying our body.

Water diet for weight loss – its diverse options. So one of them offers to drink in the morning on an empty stomach a cup of hot water. Before going to bed is also recommended to drink hot water, but smaller sips. Hidden secret method is this: during the reception of water on an empty stomach in the body are stimulated processes that help the digestive system to function fully during the day. In turn promotes drinking overnight bowel cleansing. If you follow this method, then in six months – a minus of 8 kg weight.

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Another option the water weight loss diet says to drink water before meals. Effective method as follows: drunk before meals is partially liquid fills the stomach, reducing in this way its free volume. But the consequence of this – decreased appetite, as well as the size of the portions of food eaten at lunch and dinner.

There the average rate of human consumption of water – 2 liters a day. To adhere to this rule is necessary, before breakfast drink a cup of water, two cups – before lunch and three cups of water – before dinner. Well, the remaining amount of liquid consumed easily in between meal doses.

It’s easy to give up the idea of ​​”a snack” if the hike to the refrigerator to replace only one drinking a cup of water – after half an hour should pass hunger. The reason is that our brain sometimes confuses thirst with hunger.

Of course, the aquatic diet, as well as the other has its own specific rules. To avoid problems with the digestive tract of warm water should pitsya, eliminating in turn the opportunity to catch a cold. Preference is given to non-carbonated mineral water. It is not recommended to drink water immediately after a meal, it would be better to wait about 40 minutes. When the diet is over, it is necessary to make up for all the minerals and vitamins, which could be the body “washed.”

Before the diet, be sure to consult with your doctor. Seeing a doctor for hypertension and diseases of the cardiovascular system – is necessary.

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