Tea without ceremony

Do not rush to swallow adjustments and drink tablets to resist colds and other ailments. For us, Mother Nature has long been thought of grass that perfectly cope with this task. Well, if you still can not do without chemical drugs, the grass only to contribute, they will weaken the side effect and facilitate state.

Tea against fever and colds

Tea has always helped in the healing process without complications, relapse and deterioration of the cold on the background of chronic disease SARS. Here is such a fee should be taken all at one cup of boiling water.

Tea without ceremony
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LINDEN. This tree is an important antipyretic and detoxification plant. Linden flowers contain atsetilsaletsievye acid derivatives which possess anti-inflammatory action. It is in contrast to drugs after the power shortage does not cause the temperature drop, does not give the patient a period of weakness, as well as reduce pain when coughing.

Number – 4 pinches of flowers.

Oregano. Components that are in its essential oils, mobilize the antimicrobial protection. The herb is very effective for bronchitis, sinusitis, tracheitis, laryngitis.

Number – 2 pinches of herbs.

SAGE. With abundant sputum tea sage dries mucous membranes, restoring airway conductance and reducing fever intracranial pressure.

Number – 2 pinches of herbs.

PLANTAIN. Useful properties of the plant gently envelop the damaged mucous membranes and prevent kidney damage.

Number – 3 pinches of plants.

Ledum. It improves on the viscous sputum airway clearance and restores their structure. Also rosemary reduces joint and muscle pain.

Number – 1 pinch of herbs.

GINGER. This plant is a diaphoretic for colds. Ginger helpsrecovery and tones. It strengthens blood vessels, which is very important especially for the core, because at high temperatures they have a tachycardia, which depletes the heart. Also, tea from ginger displays when you cough phlegm.

Number – 1 pinch.

A restorative tea and cold prevention

Nobody wants to get sick, so it is necessary to strengthen the immune system and restore after illness forces. To do this you can help the following fees.

Elder flowers. They prevent fatigue, exhaustion of the nervous system, as well as helping to adapt to stress.

Number – 2 whispers flowers.

DOG-ROSE FRUIT. They perfectly remove energodifitsit. Organic acids which are wild rose,reduce cholesteroland promote digestion.

Number – 2 pinches of fruit.

ELECAMPANE. During recovery it helps eliminate hypotension, tachycardia and weakness.

Number – 1 pinch.

CALENDULA. Relieves spasms, calms, provides with gastrointestinal diseases, gall bladder, kidney andbladderantimicrobial action. It protects the liver.

Number – 2 pinches.

St. John’s wort. Grass treats the entire digestive system, has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Also it supports in tone nervous system.

Number – 1 pinch.

AIR. It promotes the maturation of the nervous system in children and strengthens it and prevents problems with the ovaries and brain aging.

Number – 1 pinch.

Soothing tea

Here’s the latest collection, which should be taken to always be calm and not let the disease to manifest itself.

MOTHERWORT. The herb calms with vascular dystonia, tachycardia and elevated thyroid function.

Number – 2 pinches.

Sweet clover. It normalizes the elderly people and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, blood clotting. Women resolves soldering and sealing.

Number – 2 pinches.

MINT. Grass shootsafter stressspasm of vessels of the heart and brain.

Number – 3 pinches.

Oregano. The herb improves digestion. In chronic cystitis great effect on the urinary bladder.

Number – 1 pinch.

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