Softening Foot Mask

It has long been no secret that for most women, well-groomed and beautiful legs – is a source of pride and a source of good mood. Therefore, proper care of your feet will help women get rid of many skin diseases.

What works will allow to solve this problem? Yes – soothing mask for the feet! The constancy of patience in caring for herself a modern woman will agree not to occupy, can only share the experience to successfully address this issue.

Foot Mask
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To achieve the desired result, first of all, necessary to stop the skin – peeling. In addition to the main task of cleansing, exfoliation and massage also performs a function, providing an excellent tonic effect on the entire body. Today, you can use the cosmetics purchased in the store or pharmacy, but you can also use the grandmother’s advice and use of proven traditional remedies.

For example, you can take the dried peel of orange, crush in a coffee grinder and mix with olive oil. The mixture should be thick. Massage should be done with the resulting mixture for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and all.

Well, here now it comes time for softening mask for the feet. Let’s look at three ways to manufacture folk remedies Masks for feet.

The first method:

The most effective and easy recipe for the home medicine cabinet is preparing a softening mask for the feet of blue clay. Looking to buy a pharmacy blue clay, preparing a mushy clay mass and apply it on the skin of the feet. Once dried clay with water to wash off the mask. For better results, you can then apply to the skin nourishing cream.

Second method:

Take a tablespoon of sour cream, two chicken egg yolk and olive oil, mix well. Apply gently the mixture on the feet and wrap with plastic film, put the feet for 30 minutes in the heat. After the procedure, the mask rinse with running warm water.

The third way:

Take 100 grams. oatmeal and pour yogurt usual. As the mass swell, we put it on the feet for 20 minutes. After the procedure, the mask wash off with warm water and rub the foot cream.

Daily Foot feeling of comfort, gives every woman the confidence in dealing with their many cares, and because they have so many current modern woman.

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