Oral contraceptives for women

The issue of prevention of unwanted pregnancies will always excite women. That is why humanity is sought and still seeks to different ways, methods and drugs that are used for contraceptive purposes.Until now, methods of preventing pregnancy, have been very harmful to the health of women and though it is true, it is with them and began to develop in the medical industry, which specializes in contraceptives.

Indeed today contraceptive choice is wide enough. Every woman can choose from different contraceptives necessary preparation: condoms, intrauterine devices, oral contraceptive pills.

Oral contraceptives
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Features of oral contraceptives

Each pharmacy now you can find many kinds of contraceptives, so it is best to apply them yourself is not necessary, it is necessary to consult with your doctor first. Together with a specialist can discuss all the “ + ” and “  ” of the drug, to choose for you the best option.

Only a gynecologist is able to assign an adequate method of oral contraception, taking into account all the features of the female body. Oral contraceptive drugs can improve skin texture and improving a person contribute to the normalization of the menstrual cycle, as well as to please and other pleasant moments. Besides taking contraceptives women significantly reduces the risk of diseases such as inflammation of the genital cancer, the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.

Are the features of this method of contraception in the regular pill, and to forget or skip the use of oral contraceptives can not be – the effectiveness of their – of this decline. Although if the packaging of pills put in a prominent place, then do not worry about anything, you will always remember when you look at them on the admission of contraceptives.

If you strictly follow the instructions indicated on the package, the woman practically not able to get pregnant. Scientists engaged in research, proven – of the 10 000 women who were taking oral contraceptives, only one became pregnant. And if an incident happens even that, for whatever reasons, did not take the pill the woman, the chance of becoming pregnant is still small – 1 out of 100. Although it must be remembered that you can not drink a tablet is no longer 3 x time, otherwise will lose accuracy rate!

Oral contraceptives for women

There are oral contraceptives, as follows: by artificial hormones act on the body of women by suppressing ovulation. The egg then has no strength at maturation, and thus can not and pregnancy.

Types of oral contraceptives

You can divide the modern oral contraceptives into three groups:

  • Postcoital;
  • Progestogens;
  • Combined.

Postcoital drugs

Take these tools immediately after sex, because they protect against pregnancy. To such tablets is well acted, included in their composition a large number of hormones, but after their reception there is a possibility of side effects. They often appear in the nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc. These contraceptives are best to use the minimum or combined depending on the elapsed time after intercourse. And yet we must remember that they must be taken not later than three days after sex!

Progestogens drugs

Because of the combination of these pills are considered to be not very effective. However, if we compare all oral contraceptives, they have a very large number of advantages. These contraceptives are called – Mini-pill. Take them can be lactating mothers, since they do not affect the quantity and quality of lactation. The pressure does not rise from them, and it is very common in women who have just started to take contraception. Apply progestin drugs may be to young girls and women aged. These tablets, that is, but not quite a significant drawback. So you need to take oral progestin medications in the same time, otherwise the effect will not wait.

Combined oral contraceptives

These pills contain multiple hormones, being the most effective means against unwanted pregnancy. Tablets multiphase believe, which is why most women this kind of drug is taken.

Contraindications to receiving oral contraceptives

You can not take an independent decision to use oral contraceptives, so consultation with a personal gynecologist simply obligatory. Oral contraceptives have a number of contraindications, and in any case can not be ignored.

These contraindications include:

  • Thromboembolic disease;
  • The defeat of the vessels of the brain;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Malignant tumor (this applies particularly breast and reproductive system);
  • Cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Abnormal liver function;
  • Psychosis;
  • Severe depression;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Severe hypertension;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Sickle-cell anemia;
  • Rheumatic heart disease;
  • Diabetes;
  • Phlebeurysm;
  • Hyperlipidemia;
  • Severe kidney disease;
  • Bleeding from the genital tract;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • hyperprolactinemia;
  • Obesity (3-4 degree);
  • Calculous cholecystitis.

If a woman is ill, she is obliged to tell the doctor about it, then he will decide whether you can or can not use contraceptives. And if you can, then what.

Do not choose contraception on their own. If doctors are advised not to take even askorbinku at will, then, what to speak of such complex preparations. Especially if they contain hormonal substances that can harm the female body.

A side effect of oral contraceptives

As with any other medical drugs, oral contraceptives have contraindications and possible complications, and possible side effects. Unpleasant effects may occur due to a lack or overabundance of hormones violation esrogen-progestin balance.

Side effects of oral contraceptives, regardless of functional origin are divided into two groups:

  • Gestagenzavisimye;
  • Estrogen.

Adverse gestagenzavisimym effects include a slight increase in breast, breast pain, weight gain, depression, fatigue, decreased libido, acne, greasiness of the skin, rash, dermatitis, pruritus, headache, decrease menstrual flow, tides, the occurrence of cholestatic jaundice and vaginal candidiasis.

Adverse estrogen complications include: increased sensitivity of mammary glands, as well as their increase, nausea, weight gain, because – for a delay in the body fluid, enhanced mucous vaginal discharge, hypertension, thrombophlebitis, ectopia cylindrical uterine epithelium, headache, leg cramps, dizziness, bloating and irritability.

However, reading the listed adverse reactions, it is not necessary to believe that you are sure to arise. All possible complications, it must be said, have individual character. It says that altogether they can not occur if the solution is ideally chosen contraceptive medication to your body.

From unwanted pregnancy can protect itself without harm to their health. Modern pharmaceuticals and medicine creates all conditions for this. Especially the work of experts sent to women experience less discomfort. Taking into account the above mentioned reasons, you can safely use this method. Given the more that the use of oral contraceptives, which reviews you can hear a variety, intended for different categories and is also different. The main thing – do not forget about a reasonable and competent approach, carefully monitor their health and to treat it accordingly, of course at the same time taking into account also the opinion of the gynecologist.

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