Myths of Laser Hair Removal

Many wonder what is behind this thing – laser hair removal? Quite simply – is to remove the hair follicle without damaging the skin. Of – for the laser effects on the hair follicle is destroyed processed, which then drops out and does not grow more than ever.For the laser target is a dark pigment called melanin, which is in the hair. To completely eliminate the maximum amount of hair up to 95%, need to undergo laser treatments with a time interval in months: 1.5 – 2 – 3.

Laser hair removal is really a technique that allows us to solve radically the problem with unwanted hair on the body for a long time or even forever. The technology exists to successfully applied in practice for over 20 years in the world. But, nevertheless, as always around any new items, there are several myths that distort the vision of many people about laser hair removal and its possibilities. Our blog offers you deal with these myths.

Laser Hair Removal
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Myth 1. Laser hair removal can bring harm to health, the laser affects badly on the internal organs

During laser procedures penetrates 1-4 mm into the skin, that is, it reaches only to the hair follicles, then dissipated completely and does not penetrate deeper! As you can see, only the laser destroys the hair follicle. The laser beam glides over the skin and does not damage it. Perhaps the only thing that can occur after the procedure, so it is like the redness after a long stay in the sun. Incidentally this is the redness in some kind of indicator of performance of correct procedure, and it goes without a trace after a few hours.

Myth 2 . Laser hair removal causes ingrown hairs and scarring

During that time, there was a laser procedure no one noticed that there were scars after the procedure. Scarring may occur after the electrolysis, when the skin is introduced special needles. And as the laser procedure does not violate the integrity of the skin, it means that there is no scarring.

As for the ingrown hairs that accompanies just waxing, and when the laser is not found. Moreover, this procedure is recommended as a once per revolution to eliminate manifestations such as ingrowth.

Myth 3. Hair Removal Laser is expensive –

Well, it’s looking to compare. How, for example, today is a trip to a restaurant in Moscow?

Or just count how many a year a woman spends on the purchase of all kinds of tools for depilation: creams, machines, foams, wax, etc. Now count how many have accumulated over 10 years? Calculate now the cost of the course procedures and compare these figures.

Myth 4. Hair Removal Laser – very painful

There can not be answered unequivocally. It depends on what the evaluation criteria used in the pain and to compare with. It all depends on the individual person to the threshold of pain. Most likely, the feeling during the procedure can be called unpleasant, which is comparable to, say so with a click on the skin and is generally well tolerated. However, there is on the body and sensitive places like the underarms and the bikini, then you can apply an anesthetic cream. But clearly, mechanical depilation wax and especially a lot harder!

Myth 5. You can remove light hair

The method of laser hair removal is the principle of “selective photothermolysis”. That is, the laser light is absorbed by the target – organ (in the dark hair pigment melanin or hemoglobin in a vessel). Wherein the surrounding skin, which does not contain a pigment is not damaged. So vellus, gray or blonde hair becomes invisible to the laser, and thus can not be rectified.

Myth 6. The hair can be removed permanently in a single procedure. 100% Result after the laser hair removal

We can not, unfortunately, get at once the desired effect. The laser light is absorbed only “mature” hair follicles. On the body of these follicles are 5 – 20%. Later destroyed follicles do not grow, but grow new hair. A man changing the entire hair cycle can take anywhere from 8 months to 2 years. It is for such period and course of procedures calculated to capture the largest possible number of “mature” hair. Usually, after 4 treatments in 4 years can germinate at least 40% of the hair. In this effect, and it is necessary to count.

Myth 7. It is impossible to carry out laser hair removal on tanned skin

Of course, if a skin tanning formed melanin, which is the target of the laser, thus increasing the risk of burns. But today there is already equipment that, with adequate selection of programs allows to provide the desired effect for tanned skin without any damage.

Myth 8. Laser beams contribute to the appearance of the skin tumors

For laser hair removal are contraindicated skin tumors. Oncogenic action the wave ultraviolet (320-400nm), and in their laser beam does not exist. That is, provoke skin tumors can be faster when visiting the solarium than the laser procedures.

Myth 9. After the procedure, grow more coarse hair

Sprouted hairs become softer on the contrary, their number is reduced to the third session you can see the effect of long-lasting. Sometimes you can really see the increase in hair growth after the second procedure – “sync.” But it is considered a stimulating effect of laser, which indicates the effectiveness of hair removal. It was after this germination is removed and more hair.

Myth 10. Laser hair removal more effective than laser treatment

With laser that photoepilator are a variety of devices are used for photo-induced hair removal. Devices using the same principle of “selective photothermolysis”. In both cases, the target is the melanin in the hair follicle. Just photoepilator – earlier this historically device type than the diode laser. By the way it is a diode laser is today considered the most secure, progressive and efficient model.

Myth 11. Hair Removal Laser “not at all” works

The laser operates on melanin selectively! If no melanin means no effect. The thinner and lighter than the hair, the more difficult its removal. Then another question arises: if an adequate effect in the procedure when removing black hair No, you have to think about the presence in the body of hormonal disorders. The growth in the face of stiff black hair that effect. It is inside the body is the cause of this, and therefore it is necessary to identify and treat. And after that, the effect of the depilation becomes.

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