Manifestation of yeast infections in women

We have already said that this thrush, its manifestation in men and yeast infections in children. Now we will talk about the manifestation of yeast infections in women. This disease can affect women in their reproductive abilities, so do not underestimate the disease because of its prevalence, which borders the common.

Thrush or candidiasis genitals recently reached so widespread, that is already being considered as compulsory, ordinary and normal thing in every girl’s life. Distributed also a misconception that women thrush patients spend serious treatment is not necessary. But this women’s disease is not so harmless – Today the doctors are very concerned about the increase in incidence, even though the reasons that candidiasis is transmitted to newborn children, and may even be the cause of their death.

Recently, the thrush all more common in adolescent girls is a very important moment for them – the period of puberty, just when it should be established normal value for the microorganisms that colonize the genital tract. This may further adversely affect the ability of girls to fertility.

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The causes of yeast infections in women

We have already discussed the causes of yeast infection in women in the topic “What is thrush: Causes and symptoms”, you can select among them the most important factors for the fair sex.

Firstly – hormonal contraceptives. Contraceptives leading to disruption of natural balance of hormones cause changes in vaginal acidity, which in turn creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of Candida fungi.

This hormone imbalance is also observed during pregnancy, which, together with the consequent suppression of immunity during pregnancy also contributes to the development of candidiasis.

Women have a special role in the development of the disease plays an intestinal dysbiosis – is another problem of our modern civilization. It generally occurs after antibiotic treatment especially if it is uncontrolled and thoughtless.

The manifestations of yeast infections in women

Candidiasis in the female half is quite characteristic manifestations – this white discharge from the vagina, which resemble in appearance cream or cottage cheese, sour accompanied by an unpleasant odor and itching in the genitals, sometimes very pronounced.

When thrush itching usually intensifies after intercourse, caving, at night. In women, symptoms of thrush can be a not include all the above items, but only a few, but it is, nevertheless, still become a reason to see a doctor.

The first thing you will do specialist – is a smear from the vagina. This procedure is completely painless and is mandatory, because the only way to carry out accurate diagnosis of candidiasis. If your doctor has determined you have the presence of thrush as it “by eye”, and appointed you a treatment, then go to another specialist or ask for better examination.

Diagnosis in women thrush

Basically candidiasis diagnosis is carried out by two methods:

  • The culture;
  • Smear microscopy.

In itself bacterioscopic method involves viewing stained smear taken from the vagina under the microscope – a large number of spores and fungus bodies suggests vaginal candidiasis. The sensitivity of this method – 95%, although occasionally there are still cases where the symptoms of thrush in women on the face, and tests are negative. If so then resort to the culture method, which is more accurate. For this small amount is taken vaginal contents and placed in a special medium, perfectly suitable for the growth of fungi Candida. If the fungus has multiplied over time, it is to talk about it in the presence of female sex organs. To represent yourself well, what thrush, you need to understand the important point – thrush in women, this is a mandatory combination of positive tests with signs of thrush. If the smear has been detected fungus while a woman is not worried about anything, then it is not called a disease, but only – healthy carrier. We have already said that the fungus Candida – this is quite a natural inhabitant of the intestine and vagina of healthy women.

If the diagnosis of thrush, the patient is authentic, then you need to move on to the issue of the treatment. Important to know – if you can not cure a yeast infection or shortly after treatment appear again itching and discharge, while hiding under the guise of candidiasis may be a dangerous infectious disease. In such cases, treatment of thrush in women must spend a doctor – a gynecologist.

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