Hair masks based on sour cream

Stress during life, different weather conditions and overall a very bad affect not only our common condition, but also on the health of the hair. And we all know how important a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair, especially for women. Hair can strengthen hair with makeup tools, which are offered in the cosmetics market, but do not forget about the people’s recipes and tools. Health Blog today wants to talk about how you can strengthen your hair folk remedies. Among the many popular recipes that are designed for hair care, are very popular and in demand on the basis of the mask of sour cream.

Hair sour cream
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Hair masks based on sour cream

Especially effective are masks for normal and dry hair. For hair that is prone to fat, you need to take a low-fat sour cream, diluting it with water at a ratio of 1: 1. Sour cream should always be fresh, because only fresh cream is those healing properties desired for the hair. So, buying cream, look for the term of its validity. In order to obtain lasting results, you need to do looking after the procedure at least once a week.

For dry hair very simple mask can be called a mask mixed with raw egg yolks and cream. Each yolk is necessary to put a tablespoon of sour cream. It is very effective and a mask of sour cream and butter or olive castor in equal proportions, and one egg yolk. Here is another recipe for a mask: Mix blender cream and olive oil, 4: 3, and avocado. Instead of oil, you can use a small fresh cucumber.

We recommend using a mask of sour cream with honey, cream and coconut oil for normal hair – 1: 1. Very good way to use the banana with cream.

In order to improve the growth of hair on the head can be used also for the mask-based hair cream. In my grandmother’s recipes are very famous mask of horseradish. To do this, two things need to rub the horseradish, add sour cream, honey, oatmeal, lemon juice and vegetable oil, lemon juice – 1: 1: 0.25: 0.5: 0.25.

If your hair is relaxed, then they apply a mask sour cream – kefir 1: 1 or sour cream mask – carrot 2: 1. An excellent tool for strengthening the hair and scalp supply is considered a mixture of sour cream, brandy, honey and castor oil – 2: 1: 1: 1 and add the egg yolk, which should be pre-heated in a water bath. This mask should be applied twice a month on hair.

All these masks are applied to the hair on top of the film and wrapped with a towel. Mask hold for half an hour, then wash off with warm water and shampoo. But it is not recommended to dry with a hair dryer hair.

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