Cosmetics Cucumber

Already being sold cucumbers, we eat them, getting the vitamins that were deprived in the winter, but in addition to fresh salads, cucumbers and used for cosmetic purposes

Cucumber – is an excellent cosmetic product that promotes skin rejuvenation. It perfectly moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and tender. Especially in this vegetable has many useful elements, which are an excellent tool for nourishing our skin. That’s why cosmetics cucumber so popular.

Cosmetics Cucumber
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For cosmetic purposes, you can use the pulp, rind, juice and cucumber seeds.

To prepare the lotion for oily skin of the cucumber is necessary to take a slice of cucumber to 3cm. thick and clean it from the skin. After that, pour the pulp of a cucumber with lemon juice and leave for an hour, to the present. Thereafter, the resulting solution can wipe the skin. Hold as 30 minutes and wash your face with warm water.

If you have freckles or blemishes on the face pigmentation then take the cucumber slices and attach to the causal space of 10 minutes, if the skin is flaking it keep longer.

Also, for the bleaching of freckles is necessary to use a mask cucumber . To prepare this mask, take a small cucumber and make it mush, add the 1ch.l. lemon juice. The resulting mixture was put on the skin for 20 minutes, then rinse off the mask with warm water. Such a cucumber mask, by the way, is suitable for all skin types.

It is also possible in the home cook cucumber nourishing cream. Take the following ingredients to this.

Cucumber nourishing cream

  • Unsalted pork fat – 50 gr .;
  • The pulp of a cucumber – 50 gr .;
  • Milk – 15g.

All carefully mix. The resulting cream can be used for oily and dry skin.

Excellent relieves eye fatigue lotion made from the juice of cucumber applied for 15 minutes. You can achieve the same effect by putting cucumber slices on eyelids.

If you regularly wash the cucumber water, then your face will always look healthy and fresh.

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