Contact lenses: Pros and Cons

In the arsenal of assistants to us as optical contact lenses came not so long ago, but today they have become an integral part of most people. And it should be noted that this applies not only to those who have vision problems, but also for those who always like to experiment with their looks.

Due to the sensitivity of our eyes is a technical device not everyone find them useful. Therefore Health Blog offers you to consider all the “pros and cons” of contact lenses from a medical point of view. 

Contact lenses
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On the positive qualities of the contact lens eye, they depend primarily on their purpose, and as well, the negative aspects of the production of the material and the relationship of the person who uses lenses to fulfill all the rules of their operation. Perhaps the most safe with regards to the effects of this gidrogelievye silicone lenses, but they do not always fit with astigmatism.

Contact lenses in terms of vision correction over traditional glasses have great advantages:

  • Man using lenses, always looks natural, it does not blinks, do not mow eyes and squints. Conventional transparent lens is not visible to others.
  • Eye movements during his travels with the lens, so there is no distortion in peripheral vision, about the glasses can not be said.
  • Soft contact lenses are medically recommended for high degrees of farsightedness and nearsightedness, since they provide better vision than glasses. Also in the case of astigmatism problem may solve special hard lenses.
  • Lenses – an alternative to glasses, if you can not achieve the desired results of vision correction with glasses and psychological intolerance points.
  • When anisometropia (raznoglazii) lenses for eyes more suitable than glasses.
  • Lenses, unlike glasses when weather changes do not freeze, do not fog up, do not interfere during precipitation, do not fall during exercise.

Of course, there are downsides to wear eye lenses. The main disadvantage is that any lens is especially for sensitive eyes foreign body, and therefore, they can adversely affect the eyes:

  • Prolonged wearing of lenses without interruption, improper care of them, a violation of the special care over time lead to the development of various pathologies of the eye.
  • Even the most advanced lenses in the cornea violate the normal gas exchange. It can provoke complications: infectious corneal inflammation, irritation, allergy.
  • Improperly selected contact lenses and violation of rules of operation can cause eye injury.
  • Handling the lens when placing them in the eye – that requires precise movements and the procedure is often difficult to perform both children and adults.
  • Contact lenses – very expensive. You should always take into account the cost of the lens, and replace them with new ones, and supplies to care for them.

But whatever it was, still faces a choice of contact lenses, whether they are for vision correction or just a standard color for beauty, be sure to consult with a specialist. Be healthy!

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